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Syed Abdullah

HTML Editor

It is the best html editor app I have ever seen. It has all the features the user wants. It also allows us to host our site in online. So we can showcase our works to our friends and others. I recommend this app to everyone.

Rajkumar Gupta

Python IDE

Guys this is really helpful app for those student or person who learn python but have not laptop so we use in our smartphone. I refer to you guys for using this thank you.

Jagan JJ

HTML Editor

This app helped me to practice html in a better way. It also allows us to host our webpage, which gives better experience for the beginners in web development like me.

Defacer Attack

Code Editor

I am very grateful for this good application for many years I am waiting for an application that can code python on mobile devices and please develop this application again.

What we like to offer our customers?

Quality Results

We focus much on developing the applications that should be useful as well as easy to use for our customers.


We continuously analyse what our customers say and how do they feel and based on their feedback we make updates.

Affordable Pricing

All of our apps can be easily affordable by the users as we require less amount for subscription as well as for premium apps.

Easy to Use

We also spend equal amount of time in developing user-interface as much as we spend on developing back-end.

Free Support

We are happy to get your feedback and help you. We are active all the time to support you.

Effectively Increase

Our apps are getting better everyday and we are getting more number of daily active users.

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